the public spectators carry a body language that quietly wishes we were less black. less woman. less queer. their shifts; often disguised by faint smiles and delayed hesitations, are meant to persuade us that our intersecting identities are not responsible for disrupting their flavors and societal norms.

their thoughts; prefer we quiet our voices and learn to behave. to only adapt 'voice' for swallowing in place of s p e a k i     n g.

our authenticity; displaced among the margins, urges our inner truth to become courageous enough to be courageous enough. after all, we are not obliged to make oppression comfortable.

our collective marries the soul-ship of art and activism. we nurture the heartbeat of film, photography, poetry and storytelling to isolate and dissect the holistic scarring of race, gender and sexuality. 

through art. we create safe spaces for people to be


 exactly as they are.








      without censorship.without fear.



with love.


                                -the htxpplproject.